Every year New Mexico gathers colors, shapes and people from across the world to decorate the already beautiful sky that I miss each and everyday…

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Hot Air Balloon, New Mexico

“As colorful as a butterfly wing, this balloon at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta provides a shimmering backdrop for silhouetted visitors. Five hundred balloons from 39 states and 17 countries” 

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San Cristobal, NM

More wise words from the church by my house….

Check out Santa Fe’s very own Zack Condon of Beirut performing “Santa Fe” off Beirut’s new album The Rip Tide.  Zack Condon was born in Santa Fe and attended Santa Fe High School— he’s super talented and the new album is a great listen.  Gotta love those artsy Santa Fe dudes….

DC has been more hot, swampy and generally miserable than usual lately.  This weather gives rise to a deep appreciation for those cool summer nights out West. And the stars—gosh I really miss those.  Where else but out West can the stars inspire songs like this?  Actually the lyrics to “California Stars” were written by Woody Guthrie, and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco wrote the music for them on the album Mermaid Avenue (a compilation of previously unheard Guthrie lyrics).  Time to turn up the stereo and the AC.

Last night a friend and I enjoyed an invigorating spoken word performance by the Santa Fe Indian School spoken word team.  The SFIS team traveled from NM to DC this week to perform their piece “Moccasins and Microphones” at the National Museum of the American Indian, and they shared a shortened version of the piece last night at BloomBars in Columbia Heights.  If you get a chance, check out their performance tomorrow (Wednesday, July 20) at the Museum.  It’s free yo! These artists are incredible!

I have discovered a way to weave prayer into my hands, to broadcast my heart under a cloak of breath…I have learned to wield my language as my weapon, my art, my essence.”

Woo-hoooo! I have discovered the best crêpes in the District and they are just a hop and a skip over to Eastern Market.  I highly recommend this treasure of a food stand which sells savory and sweet crêpe creations on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-4pm at the Patio at Eastern Market.  You can check out their website for more info.

I think my love for crêpes derives from growing up eating tortillas.  They are essentially the same concept, and you can stuff a tortilla with anything.  I like tortillas with banana and PB&J or the popular green chile tortilla pinwheels. Anyone who’s spent time in New Mexico knows that you are more likely to find a basket of warm tortillas at the dinner table than traditional bread or rolls. You just can’t go wrong—tortillas with fruit and honey, tortillas and cheese, tortillas and Nutella, hmm, maybe I should start a food stand…


New Mexico


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Airplane Friends

It’s flight time and you know the drill.  Stuff your carry-on into whatever free space you are lucky enough to find (since the introduction of check-in bag fees, I am continuously impressed by flight attendants’ Luggage Tetris skills), settle in to your designated seat and pop on earphones or open a book to immediately fend off any overly-friendly airplane neighbor.  This isn’t meant to be antisocial, it’s more of a survival tactic.  Flights can be several hours long and a chattering stranger will not only cut into your nap or movie, he or she will keep you from those precious few hours where you are free from phone and email connectivity and can catch up on anything you please.  Half-finished crossword puzzle? Listening to the new Bon Iver album completely uninterrupted?  Catching up on the last three weeks of The New Yorker?  If Friendly Neighbor swoops in, you got no chance.
Now none of this is to say that airplane flights never produce kindred spirits or even potential love interests.  In fact, a friend of mine in DC is marrying a gentlemen she met on a flight several years ago this Fall.  I think there is something romantic about the idea that an airplane seating chart can be a serendipitous crapshoot of human interaction.  But, like a lottery, your chances of being seated next to your future spouse or new best friend are one in a million.  

Last week I flew to San Francisco from Atlanta, about a five hour flight.  Drill commenced: open magazine/consumed-by-this-article look on my face.  Next to me sat a young man with disheveled hair wearing dirty hiking shoes and lots of earth-colored beaded bracelets.  Having over-caffeinated that morning, I had given up hope for a nap and was reading with my earphones on when Bracelet Guy struck up a conversation.

What? I said, taking out my earphones.  Clearly Bracelet Guy knew nothing of the airplane earphone code.

Are you flying to or from home?  

From.  You?

To. I’ve been in the Dominican Republic for six months.  This is my first time back to the States.

My interest piqued, I offered Bracelet Guy some fruit snacks and asked him to tell me more about what he was doing in the DR.  He had been working on solar circuitry in impoverished communities for a project to electrify communities with residential rooftop solar panels.  Due to chronic energy shortages, the DR experiences frequent blackouts.  The solar project addressed this problem by empowering individuals to generate their own electricity in their home.  This project and many other similar initiatives are featured on Appropedia.

What’s the first meal you are going to have when you get home?

That’s easy, a Cesar Salad.  All I want is salad, we really didn’t eat uncooked vegetables there.

I learned all sorts of interesting things from Bracelet Guy.  I learned how to create a soldering iron from a piece of metal and a magnifying glass (copper works best, and you use the magnifying glass to direct sunlight to heat it.  Apparently this tool can be more useful than a drill).  I learned how to get rid of intestinal worms naturally with an all-garlic diet.  I learned about malaria symptoms.

Soon it was time for the plane to land and Bracelet Guy and I wrapped up what had turned out to be a fascinating conversation.  He sent me off with some restaurant recommendations and this drawing he crafted on the flight— “to remember me by.”  I think my faith in airplane friends has been restored.


Happy almost-the-long-weekend Friday!  You know what would make this morning EXTRA happy?  A Frontier Sweet Roll.  Check out Adam Richman from Man v. Food show us how these margarine-laden swirls of cinnamon are done.

Men’s Health Magazine released its list of "Most Active Cities" in America and DC was given an “A” and ranked number four.  Considering I dodged fifteen (extremely fit) runners on my walk home yesterday, this is completely unsurprising. 

Last week I had a meeting with a woman who told me her business partner had lived and worked in London, New York City, Tokyo and Beijing and had determined that the folks in DC work harder than the people in any of these cities.  

I may have left the Land of Mañana to join the City of Class Presidents.  

The church by my apartment adds humor to my daily metro treks with its clever signage.  The sayings change randomly, be on the lookout for others…

A good friend of mine came down from Philly to visit this weekend.  Rather than take him to admire the Kandinsky exhibition at The Phillips Collection (or something equally as classy), I decided to drag him to a roasted meat-fest on Pennsylvania Ave.  The National Capital Barbecue Battle was in full swing, and greasy pork prepared by BBQ teams from around the country was waiting to be gobbled up by the hungry masses.  Naturally we queued up for the BBQ booth with the longest line since long lines=best food.  This highly scientific theory was confirmed by some of the most delicious ribs and pulled pork I have ever tasted (and by far the best I’ve had in DC) at the Beady’s Smoke Shack BBQ booth.  Originating in Columbus, OH, these guys are serious competitors and enter their award-winning BBQ in cook-offs across the country.  They said they would be back around this time next year, but until then I could catch them at their next cook-off wherever that may be.  These guys are like the String Cheese Incident of BBQ, you have to be a traveling vagabond groupie to get the full experience.  Safe travels, Beady’s, and see ya next year.

P.S. I believe that No Parking pig in cowboy boots sign is marked Santa Fe College, no?